Message from Officers Gray & Riggs

    Goals of a School Resource Officer 
    We want to be positive role models for St. James R-I students. We want students to be able to trust us and also, on the other side, be a positive image for the public towards police. Starting young with students is important. To show them police are okay—that WE ARE good people they can go to when they need help. 
    What’s the job of a School Resource Officer? 
    The primary goal is safety of the students and staff. We spend time monitoring the schools and planning different ways to make the safety of each school stronger. Our number one job is for the safety of the students. If something happens, we are present to stop it. This year, we will be teaching D.A.R.E (Drug Abuse Resistance Education) to the 5th-grade students. We are very excited to help guide the decisions of our students away from drugs and alcohol in the future by showing them the dangers of both. We also have to be enforcers of laws. We do have the discretion to enforce the law, and we will use that discretion, but there are times when we do not have a choice. We do not want to be seen as just authority figures. That’s not our goal. We want an in-between stance—firm but fair. 
    Information provided by
    Officers Tony Gray & Jenna Riggs 

SRO Tony Gray

  • School Resource Officer St. James Schools

    Patrol Officer St. James Police Dept.

    SOMO Agency Coordinator SJPD

    Office: 573-265-2300(press 1 then Ext. 40911) Cell: 573-263-8669

    Email: (school)  (sjpd)


SRO Jenna Riggs

Jenna Riggs
  • Jenna Riggs

    School Resource Officer – St. James Schools

    Patrol Officer - St. James Police Department #1110

    Office: 573-265-2300 (press 1 then Ext. 40911)

    Cell: 573-261-1864

    Email: (school) or (SJPD)