National School Counseling Week!

We're excited to start another week of learning, and we're kicking it off with Mission Monday. From February 5th to 9th, we're inviting everyone to join us in celebrating National School Counseling Week! 

This week is all about recognizing the fantastic work our school counselors do. They're a crucial part of our team, helping students navigate their educational journeys and plan for their futures.

Throughout the week, we'll be highlighting the amazing counselors in each of our school buildings. They are dedicated, caring, and always there to support our students.

With over 100,000 school counselors nationwide participating in this celebration, we want to acknowledge their significant impact on our students and communities. Comprehensive counseling programs are vital for our students' well-being and success.

We encourage everyone to take part in the events and activities happening throughout the week. Let's show our appreciation for our counselors and all they do to help our students thrive.

Join us in celebrating the important role of school counselors in our Tiger community!