Public Schools Week

It's Public Schools Week and the St. James R-1 School District is proud to join the nationwide celebration honoring the remarkable contributions of our educators, administrators, board members, and support professionals.

Public Schools Week is an annual, week-long event dedicated to recognizing the invaluable role of public education in shaping our communities and empowering our youth. It's a time to reflect on the dedication, passion, and hard work that go into providing quality education for all students.

This year, we invite everyone in our community to join us in celebrating Public Schools Week. From sharing fond memories to expressing gratitude for the educators who have made a difference in our lives, there are countless ways to participate.

To kick off the celebration, we encourage everyone to share your favorite teacher in the comments on our social media platforms, and let's shine a spotlight on the educators who inspire and empower our students every day.

Join us as we come together to uplift our local public schools and honor the dedicated individuals who make a positive impact on the lives of our children. Together, let's show our support for public education and the bright future it creates for generations to come.