Heart of a Tiger: Riley Maynard

Welcome to "Heart of a Tiger"!  Our new video series is your ticket to the soul of our district, where the magic of education happens and the spirit of our educators shines bright.

In this series, we're thrilled to introduce you to the remarkable teachers who make our district extraordinary. Each episode features a new teacher from one of our buildings, sharing why they chose us and what makes our community special. 


Episode 1: Meet Riley Maynard, the vibrant 1st-grade teacher from Lucy Wortham James Elementary!

Join us as Riley unveils her journey, revealing the moments that led her to our district and the unique magic that sets St. James R-1 apart.

But that's not all! "Heart of a Tiger" isn't just about one teacher; it's about three! Get ready to explore the heartbeats of our other buildings in the upcoming episodes. Stay tuned as we celebrate the dedication and passion of educators like Riley in "Heart of a Tiger"!