Honors Luncheon

Our annual Honors Luncheon celebrated the achievements of over 150 high school students, recognizing their outstanding academic performance throughout the year. Students must achieve a 3.5 GPA or higher in the first three quarters of this year and 90% attendance or better to be invited to the prestigious event.

Honors LuncheonOur guest speaker, Marty Hauck, an accomplished graduate of St. James from the class of 1998, delivered an inspiring address. Hauck has enjoyed a successful career in education and sports coaching, with notable experience coaching wrestling internationally and for USA World Team. Hauck is one of less than a hundred individuals who have earned a USA Wrestling Gold Coach Certification. He gave our students some great insight into how to achieve their goals in life.

HauckThe success of the Honors Luncheon was made possible by the dedicated efforts of our educators who organized the event and ensured the guests were served with hospitality. At St. James R-1 School District, we remain committed to empowering our students through caring relationships, academic excellence, and community partnerships.

Honors LuncheonToday we celebrate the remarkable accomplishments of our students, whose hard work and dedication have truly shone brightly!