Calendar Survey

Survey Data!

Most Important things to consider in making a school calendar?

1. The start of the school year.

2. The end of the school year.

3. Christmas break.

Most important Holidays off from school? (Not including Christmas & Thanksgiving)

1. Labor Day

2. Good Friday

Keep Thanksgiving Break the same, or change it?

  • 62% Keep the same
  • 8% indifferent
  • 30% full week

Keep Christmas Break the same or change it?

  • 84% keep it the same
  • 6% indifferent
  • 10% shorten the break

Keep Spring Break the same?

  • 72% Keep it the same
  • 9% indifferent
  • 19% shorten the break and spread it out

What day of the week is best to hold full teacher PD days?

  • 35% keep on Monday
  • 36% Move them to Friday
  • 29% indifferent

Are you in favor of moving the Elementary start time to 8:00 am?

  • 64% move to 8 am
  • 23% indifferent
  • 13% no

Many have indicated they would be interested in possibly moving the middle school start time up in reading comments. A common reason given was it is hard for parents to get to work on time. Due to this in the 2023-2024 calendar survey, we will add this question and look at realistic options to see if the survey data supports this type of move.

Thanks for sharing your thoughts!