Lifelong Learning PD

Education is a never-ending process. Teachers are self-described lifelong learners and professional development allows them the opportunity to continually improve their skills  and become more proficient in their jobs. You might have wondered, “what are teachers doing all day long during those PD Days?” Let’s peek behind the scenes and go through a professional development day. 

To begin their day, our educators met for an All-District Meeting to discuss district news and to honor the veterans within our staff. Once the school year begins, there aren’t many opportunities for all of our staff to meet, so it’s nice to get everyone under one roof. 

Once the meeting ended, everyone headed to their chosen self-care activity. This time was provided to allow everyone a moment to focus on an interest, visit with coworkers, or play a game with friends. We had pickle-ball games, yoga, karaoke, walking, coloring groups, reading, and many other options. 

Adult Coloring Crew

Yoga Crew

Park Clean Up Crew

Next up, staff headed to their content/vertical team meetings. What this means is that all English teachers met with each other and discussed curriculum as did other content areas such as math, science, art, etc. After a lunch break, the staff in each building met and went through more learning strategies, curriculum updates, and safety plans. 

Educational technology, curriculum standards, and effective teaching strategies are constantly evolving. Teacher development days allow our educators to work together to find the best ways to improve our students’ outcomes.